Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics Rock

I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this weekend and look forward to turning it on after in-service this week! Last night, Eric and I were watching the men's gymnastics. Let me just say, that my sister and I have been obsessed with gymnastics (women's mostly) since we were little girls. I think in part because we wished we could be that good! Anyways, the men last night were so fun to watch. It was intense what those guys have to do. 
Eric and I would both cringe when one of US guys would do a release on the high bar. I was scared for them so I can't even imagine how their nerves were. 
Kind of wish I could see some events live. That would be amazing!

Are you enjoying the Olympics as much as us?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok that we let Kaylee watch Yo Gabba Gabba when she eats lunch some days. She loves it :)
It's Ok that my classroom isn't ready yet. That is what inservice week is for.

It's Ok that Eric hid Kaylee's chair under her bed and we let her go get it while bumping her head multiple times. She was proud to pull it out!

It's Ok that I am going for frozen yogurt today for the second time this week. Summer is almost over, gotta live it up!

It's Ok that my kid already loves softball. It's in her blood!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving!

I'm really Loving all the time I get with my Kaylee Bug this week since work starts back on Monday!
I'm Loving the progress I made in my portable. Feeling better and better about it each day!

I'm Loving watermelon, even though the one I bought at the store said seedless and it had seeds, it is still so tasty!

I'm Loving this salad I made the other night, the dried cranberries made it so yummy!
I'm Loving the fun Kaylee had at The Little Gym yesterday. Makes me wish I could take her every week!

What are you loving?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made It- Love being crafty!

"Pass Pad"
This year, I am doing something different instead of my old school "treasure box." I noticed that my kiddos didn't always care for what was brought in for the treasure box and would often want a piece of candy instead. Well, my students were always interested in rewards like homework passes, eating lunch with a friend or me, etc. Then on Pinterest, I found my inspiration:
Hobby Lobby Organizer with 40% off so like $4.50
Inside after dividers were inserted
Just printed the sign on cardstock (Still need to laminate) and found the frog from stuff I already had!
Variety of colored cardstock for my passes :)
I am very excited to implement the "Pass Pad" as my main reward system. Students will get a pass when they get their punch cards full, homework sticker charts full, or for awesome behavior over a period of time. They will be hard to attain so hopefully that will make them more valuable!

What did you make this Monday?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Kaylee,
You are finally get more teeth, yes I said teeth! Your second bottom tooth is coming in and one of your top teeth. Keep em coming girl. I am sure your lone tooth wanted some company it sure has been working hard :)

Dear Portable,
Please help assist me and tell me where everything should go. I knew exactly where to put everything in my old room, but you my friend have me stumped.

Dear Hot Dry Weather,
Why must you have returned? Good thing Kaylee and I are headed to the pool today. It will be much needed!

Dear Monte Crisco Sandwich,
You were ever so delicious yesterday. Hope I didn't gain five pounds eating you. 

Dear Summer Break,
I have enjoyed you so much. So sad this will be my last week of freedom! Being a stay at home mom has been fun! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Math King and Queen Crowns

I play a game called "Math King and Queen" with my kiddos every year with flashcards for whatever math topic we are working on that I have flashcards for. The last boy and girl remaining are the King and the Queen for the day and get to wear crowns. I was using typical paper birthday crowns I borrowed from a Kindergarten teacher, laminated them and wrote the words Math King and Math Queen on them. It was cool when we were in the hall and someone would say, "Math King huh? So what's 4 x 7?" The King would be put on the spot, but it really showed how well that student knew the facts. 

My 3rd graders this past year didn't enjoy wearing those particular crowns very much, but they LOVED the game and the competition aspect of it. I wanted to see what your opinion would be.

Should I find some sort of "real" boy crown and girl crown for them to wear? 

Should I just go with paper crowns again?

Is there a better prize/award for being the winner?

I would love some help deciding!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that I got the transfer that I wanted and I get to keep teaching 3rd grade. Yay for being BEYOND close to home and yay for venturing into a new school environment! Changes are a coming and coming fast :)

I'm loving that Kaylee is loving her new carseat. She has already fallen asleep in it many times :)
I'm loving that Kaylee insisted on wearing these pj pants that are too long for her (yes she really insisted, she screamed when her daddy took off the pants b/c we thought they were too long then sat so nice and still for him to put them back on) A girl knows what she wants!
First "rolled" pair of pants
I'm loving Kaylee's 13 month book. She gets a free book each month from a Dolly Parton program. Her library just keeps growing!

 I'm loving all the fun times we have had at the park this summer! Spent the other night walking the neighborhood with my sister. Kaylee had fun with her Aunt PP!

What are you loving this week?

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Made It # 2 For Me!

This week I made my "Charm Tree" inspired by the variety of "Dum Dum Trees" or "Treat Trees" I have seen around blogs and on Pinterest. This was a super easy craft that I put together in like 15 minutes. My tree still needs more suckers to fill it up, but I didn't want to head out to the store to get them. I thought of the idea to call it a "Charm Tree" b/c Blow Pops are made by Charms and I will utilize the tree when students "Charm" me. When someone does something out of the ordinary or has a magnificent answer, they will get to pick a treat from the "Charm Tree." Hope it will be a hit!

Bucket- .63 Kroger, Styrofoam ball- Hobby Lobby $2.63, Suckers- $2.00 Dollar Tree, Letters and Ribbon-Had already at the house

I am still working on my Pass Pad, it will be next week's project to show!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Kaylee,
Happy 13 months (and two days) baby girl! You are turning more and more into a toddler each day. You are so curious about the world around you!
Dear Rain,
Thank you so much for coming for the past 4 days straight, but not sticking around all day. It is cooler out now!

Dear Jogging Stroller and Cooler Weather,
Thanks for the motivation to start running again. Kaylee and I (well me and her chilling) have finished the first two days of C25K. Loving it so far.

Both of us after the first run Wednesday
Dear Common Core Standards,
Thanks for all the training the past three days. I have learned lots and I am ready to see what this brings for my students!

Dear Starbucks,
I am coming to get a frappuccino today. Be ready!

Who are you writing to this week?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving this pretty picture of the lake!
I'm loving this delicious meal we had over the weekend at the lake. The ribs were amazing!
I'm loving my sweet Joey and his love for getting gross at the lake :)
I'm loving my sweet "tomboy" in the making :)
I'm loving that Kaylee got to see her Uncle Craigory for the first time in two months. They bonded :)
Finally, I'm loving that we finally got some rain, and multiple days of it. It is much cool now!

What are you loving this week?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Made It!

I am linking up for Monday Made It for the first time! I am not a super crafty person, but my friend Mary Beth and I spent the whole day Thursday gathering supplies and creating our versions of "The Clip Chart."

Here was my inspiration from Pinterest:
Here is my version:
Oil Pan: Walmart  Border and numbers: Knowledge Tree   Sparkle Letters: Hobby Lobby & Walmart  Ribbon/Card Stock: Hobby Lobby

Everyone will start the day on Ready to Learn. You can move up and down depending on behavior. If you reach and maintain the "Toadally Awesome" level for the day, you get a punch in your punch card. When your punch card is full, you get to go to my handy "Pass Pad" and pick a pass of your choice (look for it next week on Made It Monday b/c it is still a thought in process)Still working on a conduct sheet for documentation but I am pretty pumped about it.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Dear Kaylee, 
Sorry for going into your room at 4:45 earlier this week just to check on you and ending up waking you up. However, your blanket was over your head. So, glad my mother intuition kicked in. 

Dear Universe, 
Please make it rain soon so it isn't so freaking hot every day. However, no rain tomorrow b/c we are heading to the lake!

Dear Jogging Stroller, 
Please help me get back going with my running. We are going on week two of no running!

Dear Eric,
Thank you for being OCD about cleaning. I love that you vacuumed and used fantastic on the floor after Mary Beth and I finished crafting. It is what makes you, you.

Dear JoJo,
Please stop looking so sad b/c it is too hot to play outside. I do still take you for a walk each day.

Dear Me,
I am so proud that you are consistently blogging. Keep it up!

Link up and share your letters!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th Fun!

We had a blast on the 4th! 

In preparation for my sister's pool party cookout, we made watermelon stars using a cookie cutter. So cute and easy!

The water felt GREAT! It has been so hot lately with our lack of rain that the pool was just what we needed!
She LOVED shooting the basketball-such a tomboy!
My adorable buddies :)
At the party, we had tasty burgers cooked by my brother in-law, potato salad made by my mama, and my watermelon. My favorite part though-DESSERT! Homemade peach ice cream, patriotic strawberries, and a chocolate peanut butter banana pie :) Yes, I was super full. 

Little tired after swimming and dinner, so we had a pre-firework nap after a stroll around the block :)
My summer sweetie!
We headed out to watch the town fireworks after all the delicious food. Kaylee and I did pre-firework sparklers. She was very curious as to what they were.
 As far as the fireworks went, Kaylee was interested at first but once the loud booms started she got a little scared.

 It was cute to see just how tight she would hold on to her daddy though :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What I'm Loving & Pinning Wednesday!

I'm Loving that it is the 4th of July and that we get to swim, eat burgers, potato salad, watermelon, and watch fireworks. Hope Kaylee likes the fireworks. Last year she slept through most of the day and the fireworks!
Sweet girl on her 1st 4th last year!

I'm Loving that we got Kaylee a new convertible car seat, no more infant seat although she isn't heavy enough to turn around yet, hence the convertible part :) Gotta install that this week!

I'm Loving that I got 5 new followers in the past week. Yay, thanks guys!

I'm Loving that my friend Mary Beth and I are crafting school projects tomorrow that I found via Pinterest. 

Hopefully, we will end up with something similar to this for our conduct. It is based off of the "Ready to Learn" charts used:
Love this idea to hang my rules next to it!
And something similar to this for my new "Treasure Box" :)
Come on, link up with Jamie or Laura or both to share what you are loving and pinning on this Independence Day!