Saturday, May 29, 2010

Important festivities

So, ever since Monday I have been sick. Turns out I have an ear infection with a super bad cold on top of it, which the doctor said can make you feel really poorly. I completely agree with the doctor on this one. I have not felt like doing much of anything, so thank goodness summer break has started!

Thursday I started feeling a little on the up side, which was great since my sister's pharmacy graduation festivities were beginning. Paula surprised us as Valedictorian of her class. What a great honor for her to receive! Friday after the graduation, we went to Spaghetti Warehouse. The food was so yummy! Emily and I started off with some stuffed mushrooms which were awesome. Then, I got their soup called "wedding soup." It is pretty much like an Italian version of chicken noodle soup, which was great for me since I have been eating a lot of soup while I have been sick. Then, I got their lasagna which was gigantic. I had about 10 bites before throwing in the towel. Eric sure did enjoy my leftovers when he got home from work!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


This past weekend, Eric and I went to Chattanooga for my friend Laura's wedding. We had a blast! We stayed downtown within walking distance of the Tennessee River and of course the Chattanooga Aquarium! After the rehearsal dinner Friday night, we went walking around the town and down by the river. It is much nicer in Chattanooga's downtown than downtown Memphis. I was not scared one bit!

Saturday morning we got up and walked to eat breakfast at Blue Plate. We sat outside on their patio which faces the river. It was a great view! Then, we walked on over to the aquarium which is divided into an ocean side and a river side. Our favorite side was the ocean. We loved petting the stingrays and seeing all the pretty butterflies!

Later that day, we headed to Laura's wedding up on Signal Mountain. It was a very beautiful wedding with a very pretty bride! Sunday, we woke up to rain so we headed on home. There were so many other things we wanted to do while we were at Chatt, we just didnt have the time. Maybe someday we can go back and explore the city! Here are a few pictures from the weekend :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Field Day

One of the most crazy, fun, and entertaining school days was today: Field Day. The kiddos look forward to this day starting in August and we had a blast. The weather was just perfect and all the events were successful. We may not have won all the competitions, but we did win the major one at the end: Tug-a-War! Surprisingly, my kiddos did it! We are the strongest 3rd grade class. I am soooo proud of them! I got a banner to hang in my room for all the years to come to remind me of how special that moment was. I just adore being a teacher :)

This weekend we are heading to Chattanooga for Laura's wedding. I am so excited for the mini-vacation and to see Laura get married. I have not only known her since she was 14, but I have worked with her at two different jobs, and she is going to be a teacher! Following in my footsteps and now she is getting married. Such a special day!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend of Weather

This weekend was filled with serious storms that consisted of much of my time spent inside our hallway closet. Living 10 yards or so away from a tornado siren can be a good thing, but when the siren goes off and my part of the county is not in any serious danger, the sirens become quite a nuisance and scare me half to death. I was so glad that I fell asleep at 8:15 Friday night completely exhausted from the wonderful field trip that I spent with my students because this is what I experienced later on that night:
1st experience: 4:00ish Saturday morning
2nd experience: 10:30ish Saturday morning
3rd experience: 9:45ish Saturday night
4th experience: 1:30ish Sunday morning
Needless to say, I was excited to get a continous amount of sleep last night with no interruptions.

I am amazed by the amount of flooding that surrounding towns have experienced. Some people have lost everything that they own. I cannot even imagine the nightmare that they are going through right now.

On a bitter-sweet note, the school year is winding down! I have LOVED my class this year so much. I am really going to miss them, but I will be excited to have a more relaxed schedule for two months. We all know that I cannot stay still without something to do for more than 5 minutes or so, therefore my summer may be relaxed, but not boring. I will be completing a grad school class from Mid-May to Mid-June, then I am free of grad school till after Paula's wedding in September and I will only have 4 classes left plus my internship and I will be done with school forever! I will be working part-time whenever I am needed at the salon. We will be remodeling our master bathroom. I will be throwing Paula a wedding shower. I will be having multiple lunch dates with my grandparents. I will be swimming at Paula's pool and the Loft's pool :) Oh yeah and I will be assisting with leadership opportunities for the school district. Sounds relaxing huh?