Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh My-10 Months!

Kaylee is 10 months today! Our sweet crazy girl is just growing so quickly. Not much has changed this past month. 
Kaylee still doesn't have any teeth, but we have started feeding her some "real" foods anyway. She loved the ham and sweet potatoes on Easter, and loves bananas! At dinner, we just let her try whatever we think she can handle, and she does great!                                  
Kaylee can stand much longer on her own now, and she kicks butt with her walker, but not walking alone just yet.

She gets that look from her Mama :)
Kaylee loves going to her Auntie Em's softball games. All the fans just adore her. We even went out of town on a tournament last weekend, and she was so good! Softball is in her blood :)
So adorable!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Day!

Kaylee had a great first Easter. She loved her basket from the Easter Bunny. She looked so excited to see new things (Like she doesn't have enough already). 

Kaylee looked so cute in her Easter dress and was so good for pictures after church. 
Standing like a big girl!

 I made a broccoli salad for the first time to take to my sister's for Easter lunch, and it was delicious. I will definitely make it again sometime!

After my sister's house, we headed to Eric's Grandma's house for round two. Kaylee got presents there. She got an Easter Bunny stuffed animal, an adorable onesie, and a cool electronic book. 

Kaylee loved her electronic book from her DeDe!

Easter was a great day for us!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter Eggstravaganza!

We went to our city's Easter Eggstravaganza this weekend. Kaylee had so much fun petting the animals, seeing the Easter Bunny, and of course hunting for eggs for the first time! 

Kaylee got to feed the bunny an apple!
Checking Out the Chickens

A little one like our JoJo!

Feeling the fur!

She loved the Easter Bunny!

Kaylee picked up 4 eggs all by herself!

What are these things?

Such fun!

Puffs to celebrate!