Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I'm Loving all the time K-Bug and I have got to spend together this summer and that we still have a whole month left :)
I'm Loving all the new recipes I've been trying out this summer. Last night I made a Chicken and Broccoli Asian Stir Fry with rice. Yum!

I'm Loving Kaylee's own personal water park in our backyard. She's Loving her new water table and pool! It is so fun to sit in my beach chair and watch her play :)
I'm Loving Kaylee and JoJo's relationship. They have the best time together!
I'm Loving that JoJo still hunts down squirrels and chipmunks in our backyard. He is too cute!
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1st Birthday @ The Beach

Kaylee celebrated her 1st birthday towards the beginning of our week at the beach. Eric and I decorated the condo with a few decorations the night before so she would wake up to something special. We treated her with a birthday breakfast muffin, she wasn't crazy about it and just ended up eating her typical waffle :) 
We went down to the beach in the morning then I went to pick up her b-day cake and a birthday balloon at the store. The balloon was a hit with Kaylee. Eric thought to clip the balloon to her diaper, it was the cutest thing!
My mom found this adorable onesie on clearance at Target when Kaylee was about 4 months or so. I tagged it with a pink tutu someone had given us. It was a precious outfit on her :)
The grocery store down at the beach gave a free smash cake for the baby if you bought a big cake. Here is the big cake: 
Her little cake looked just like the big one. Kaylee loved her cake! (Birthday crown was a Target clearance find from my mom too) She picked at the icing for a very long time until Eric showed her that there was cake under there too. She was being very neat with her eating :)
Next came presents! Kaylee made the cutest faces as she opened her presents. We only brought a few of her gifts to the beach (one from us, two from my mom, and one from my sister). 

I was happy with how the day went and I will always have the memories of her special 1st birthday spent at the beach :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Beach Trip

We had so much fun on our first beach trip as a family of three. Kaylee wasn't so sure about the giant water bowl with waves or the big bright white stuff on the ground for the first couple of days, but she ended up loving it for the most part (and getting it all over her). 
She would sit on Nana's straw mat and play with sand toys for a good hour.
 Eric and I had to go to the shore to fill up her water buckets multiple times. 
Our condo had a really nice pool with a hot tub. Kaylee loved "jumping" in the water and being thrown in the air and caught as she hit the water. She loved the warm water of the hot tub better than the pool, guess b/c it is like her bathtub water. 

We had some amazing seafood while we were there. Between Eric and me we had a variety- blackened fish, fried oyster po-boy, fried seafood platter, peel and eat 'em shrimp (my favorite), seafood muffaleta, and stuffed crab just to name a few :) I think the fresh seafood is high up on my favorite parts of a beach vacation.

Kaylee loved walking up and down the beach with us to see all the people. And boy did she get tan! Kaylee is really looking like an Italian girl now :)

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Blogging Motivation!

Well, my sister has started blogging again and that has sparked my blogging brain to start back as well! Here is a short update in pictures to our happenings since I last posted:

Kaylee turned 11 months and turned into a walker shortly after that 11 month birthday!

 I celebrated my first mommy day :)

School Ended- Super Exciting for me to spend ALL my time with this sweet face who finally got a tooth (no picture to prove it though)

 We headed out to the lake for Memorial Day!

 We painted our toes :)

 Kaylee can not only walk but she can climb up onto the playground at the park so now we can do more than just swing :)

Kaylee takes big girl baths in the big girl tub now

Little miss turned one at the beach!

That pretty much sums it up. Glad to be back blogging world!

Future posts this week: 
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Kaylee's B-Day @ The Beach
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