Monday, October 31, 2011

Our little Pumpkin

Kaylee celebrated her 1st Halloween today! She dressed as a little pumpkin. Kaylee had fun hanging with Nana and Pop during the day, and she enjoyed her afternoon with mommy. We even ventured out for a little trick-or-treating with Nana. 

Showing Nana and Pop what a big girl she is by sitting up and balancing with her arms!

Posing in her cute costume in front of Nana and Pop's house

The adorable backside :)

We went trick-or-treating!

Tasting her very first sucker :)

Hope everyone had a great Halloween, we enjoyed ours!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fall Break

This week was Fall Break. After 10 weeks of the school year under my belt, I sure was ready to enjoy a little vacay. We started the first weekend off by heading downtown to see the Nina and the Pinta. Eric loves history so it was fun for him to see the boats. Amazing what small space they had to live on. Kaylee and I headed to the Smoky Mountains Sunday with my sister, mom, and dad. We had a great time adventuring in the beautiful mountains and shopping around town! Here are pics from the week!
Boat with dada!
1st time up the mountains! Love the fall colors :)
How beautiful!
Picnic in the mountains
Taking a break from hiking
After we hiked to Clingman's Dome!

Heading up to the Alpine Slide!
Hanging at the hotel!
Pretty creek in the mountains!
At the outlets!
Shopping in Gatlinburg!
Snowy Mountain Peaks on Thursday!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kaylee- 4 months

Kaylee Joy is 4 months old today!

Sleeping: Kaylee has been sleeping great at night. I can safely say she is sleeping through the night. She goes to bed around 9 or 10 and sleeps till I wake her up to eat around 5:45-6:00ish. Usually she falls back asleep soon after and sleeps till about 11!

Eating: Kaylee has moved up to 6 ounces with her first bottle of the day and 4-6 with her second bottle. She is still nursing in the morning and late afternoon with a little bottle before bed.

Activity: Kaylee is playing with her toys more and more. She loves to make sounds! Kaylee just discovered how to squeal and it is the cutest thing ever. She LOVES her teddy bear toy that talks and sings to her.

Napping: Usually about an hour early afternoon nap and then a 30-45 minute nap around 6:00.

Favorite Place: Anywhere she is being entertained :)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week In Review 10/3-10/7

I'm linking up @ Clutter-free Classroom to share some highlights from my week! This week we started multiplication. I taught them the basics of how it is repeated addition, we learned the terms factor and product, my student teacher taught them about arrays, and we began making our own set of flashcards. The kiddos favorite part of the week was playing a new game, Math Sparkle! If you have never heard of Math Sparkle, it is kind of like Spelling Sparkle but with numbers. The whole point of Math Sparkle is to master the art of skip counting. We skip count all the way up to 12s eventually, but this week we have only just begun. All my kids can successfully skip count by 2s, 3s, and 5s, and most by 4s, but we are working on it!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata!
The Lion King came out on DVD/Blue Ray today. I am not going out to run out and purchase it, but it is on my Christmas list! Eric and I want to watch it again and it will be a great movie to show Kaylee in the future. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ahh lazy weekends


Lazy weekends have come around more often lately in our household. And I LOVE IT. This weekend, I only left the house to run and pick up a to-go order at El Porton and to run by the Schnucks-Kroger to pick up a few things (as I have been calling our newly converted Schnucks into a Kroger the Schnucks-Kroger and will continue to for a while I'm sure). While at Schnucks-Kroger, I was able to snag a few amazing deals on Manager Special. I think since we now have a Kroger literally two blocks from Kroger, the butcher may not need to "butch" as many items. I bought some half price steak and veggie kabobs, half price pork chops, and half price burger patties. Racked up on the meat for the week! As I was aheading to the self-checkout, I spotted more manager special racks. There, I was able to snag an 8 pack of dry erase markers for $2.50, a two-pack of chapstick for 49 cents, and two packs of Twizzlers for 50 cents a pack. I am starting to like this Schnucks-Kroger thing more and more! 

Last night, Eric and I were trying to find a movie to watch on Netflix but decided to try out the tv series Raising Hope instead. All we knew was that the show was about a baby girl and since we have a baby girl we thought we would try it out. This show is freakin hilarious! Maybe it is so funny b/c we have a baby but I don't know I think anyone would laugh at it. There are some crazy things going on in this show. We watched 5 episodes last night and will be watching more soon!

Right now, I am making my yummy banana pudding just because. I think I am going to take some to share with my co-workers tomorrow. Two weeks of work, then we have a whole week of fall break!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Saturday, October 1, 2011


I got onto Pinterest this summer when I had way more down time, now that I have zero down time it is hard to find time to waste on Pinterest, but on the weekends I can spare a few :) Here are some of my recent pins. All school related!
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Too Cute!

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Key points to survive elementary school!

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I need a jar like this for my personal treats!

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Would love to deck out my AR Bell! The kids would love ringing it even more!

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My new attention grabber this year. LOVE IT, IT SO WORKS.