Saturday, March 26, 2011

Softball, Runaway JoJo, and Ribs!

Emily's softball season started up this week. I just love this time of year! Because I played the sport myself, I never got to be a spectator much. Ever since Emily started playing at Houston, I have loved every minute of watching her and her team. They had an okay start to the season, 2-2. I think the team will be pretty good this year. They have a few new players and everyone has talent to bring forth.

Our puppy dog JoJo LOVES being outside in HIS backyard. Some days (mainly weekends) he spends a good twelve hours in the backyard with a break to go on a walk :) On week days, Eric leaves him out if the weather is nice until I get home from work. Well, Thursday I get home and JoJo was no where to be found. Called and called for him and he didn't come. I thought he was injured/passed out under a bush so I kept calling and looking. Then, I saw the HOLE. SCARED ME TO DEATH. JoJo had dug a hole through our back fence into the park. I immediately went into the park and started calling for him. Called Eric to let him know what happened, then called my father-in-law to come help me look. After searching for about 15 to 20 minutes, I finally found him. GEEZ. WORST 15 MINUTES EVER. I LOVE THAT DOG SO MUCH. Hopefully, JoJo learned his lesson. We have reinforced the fence somewhat, but I am still nervous to leave him out there.
Glad I found him safe and sound :)

Tonight we went to Eric's parents for Eric's b-day celebration. His dad cooked ribs out on the grill and they were amazing! We had ribs, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, home-made pickles, and chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. YUMMY! We took JoJo over and he had a ball playing with his fellow family members plus he got a lot of good food :)

Tomorrow night, Eric and I are hitting up a Grizzlies game! Go Grizz Go!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week of Freedom!

This was a great week of freedom! Yes, I would have loved to go somewhere exciting for Spring Break, but I enjoyed staying home and relaxing just as much. Being pregnant, I needed all the down time I could get to make sure I don't over do it. Don't want to put too much stress on the baby!

I accomplished the few minor items that I needed to get done. Items accomplished: got ahead on ASU class, caught up on the school scrapbook, FINISHED the school Yearbook (wonderful feeling), Mama and Emily painted the nursery (very cute color), got my car's oil changed, vacuumed and cleaned the inside of my car, had lunch with my awesome grandparents, got the last letters for Kaylee's name on the nursery wall, and shopped for Eric's b-day.

The wall color which the picture does not represent it very well. It is more yellow in person.

The letters for above Kaylee's crib
The ribbon that I may or may not use to hang the letters. If I do, I will alternate the colors for each letter.

All the rest of my week was spent relaxing on the couch watching Netflix and hanging out/walking JoJo :) The weather has been gorgeous! I mainly watched Ugly Betty which is a show I would have never thought I would like. It is all about a fashion magazine and I could really care less about famous people and fashion, but the plot behind the show is great. Betty is an "ugly" but awesome assistant for the new editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine. All kinds of crazy drama happens each episode and so far I have watched 21 of the 23 from the first season. Netflix has all the seasons that I can easily stream so I will be finished with the show before I know it.

Eric and I watched The Social Network last night as the first Netflix movie we received in the mail. Very good movie portraying the story of how Facebook came to be. Crazy how strange the creator of the company is.....and how fast it grew! Movie had my attention the whole time and Eric enjoyed it too.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top 2 Tuesday!

Linking up for Top 2 Tuesday! Topic: 2 Random Facts About You

1. I absolutely cannot stand roaches. They freak me out. I will scream for Eric when I see one so that he can kill it. However, if I am at school with students, I will be brave and smash one for so the kids will quit freaking out. I can put on a brave face when I choose, but roaches freak me out more than any other type of bug or animal.

2. I hate down time. I often complain about the amount of work that I have to do between graduate school, preparing for my school kiddos, and the extra committees and groups I get assigned to at work, but when I do not have something to do, I get bored soooooo easily. I don't know if this is a trait you can inherit, but my mom has similar qualities. When my baby girl comes into this world, I am sure I will love the different type of "down time" that I will have to spend with her :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Welcome Spring Break!

My Spring Break has officially begun! So excited to have a week of freedom. My body needs to relax. Unknowingly, Baby Kaylee makes me more tired than I typically am. I have loved every minute of being pregnant so far though. Now that I am into week 27, I am feeling her move more and more and my belly is showing more and more. She will be here in about 3 months. So exciting. Kaylee's room is going to be painted this week by my mom and sister. Can't wait to see what it looks like! Here is an updated picture of Kaylee and me: