Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garage Sale!

Last weekend, I had a garage sale at my house on Friday and Saturday! I advertised by putting up a few posters around the neighborhood and I listed it on Craig's list. Friday, I had lots of fun b/c it was pretty busy. I started @ 7:00 and stopped @ 1:00. I sold lots of random goodies. I was amazed at the randomness of the stuff people bought. But, it was HOT. JoJo was inside and he didn't like it when he heard random people starting to talk to me in the garage so he came to hang out with me. I put him on his leash and he was a really good boy. He just laid down on the garage floor (it was a little cooler on the ground) and when someone came up I held him. We both got pretty hot and we drank lots of water! The sale was not as good on Saturday and I discovered the reason later on that day after my sale ended. I had put up 5 posters and when I went to take them down, only one was left! I think the code enforcement in this silly town took my posters down. So, now I have a mental note to check for posters b4 beginning the sale b/c I just might need to make more! I made some good money to put towards my shower renovation!

Shower Time!

I am working my way down my summer to-do list:
1) Leadership retreat for SCS- check
2) Wisdom tooth out- check
3) Complete grad school class- check
3) Have a garage sale- check
4) Work some at the salon- check and continuing throughout summer
5) Lunch with grandparents- yes, more dates to come!
6) Redo master bedroom bathroom- next step!
7) Swim in a pool- yet to accomplish
8) Go on vacation- work in progress for middle of July
9) Host Paula's wedding shower- end of July

So, we are began the remodeling process of our shower/floor in our master bathroom this week. I went to pick out tile with Brent (who is completing the remodel). I brought home samples to show Eric and we decided on one. Brent, Em, and I went to Lowe's to buy the tile and some supplies. The next step was the demo! Messy, but it went quick. Now, Brent has moved on to tiling the shower :) Here are the before pictures! I will show the final project when it is complete.
The tile on the wall is coming down and being replaced.
The floor tile is also being replaced as you can see the partial demo by the door way.
Here is the main reason why we are doing this re-do. You can see the missing tile in the corner. This is caused from the wall behind the shower that is rotting. GROSS. The soap holder in the new shower will be inserted into the wall along with a shelf inserted into the wall for shampoo and body wash :)
Back view of the shower and the picture below is the front of the shower. There will also be a light inserted in the top middle part of the ceiling of the shower.

I hope the process goes smoothly and that it looks awesome in the end!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


On Monday of this week, I had one of my wisdom teeth extracted. I was kinda nervous about the whole process of getting a tooth ripped out of my mouth, but it wasn't bad at all. I sat in the chair and the dentist numbed my cheek and my gums where the tooth was. About 20 minutes went by, and the dentist came back and said, "I am just going to press a little bit so let me know if you feel anything besides pressure." Next thing I know, I am feeling some pressure, pressure of him pulling on the tooth, but it did not hurt one bit. About 1 minute goes by, and the tooth was out! It was crazy how fast the process was. The worst part was getting numbed! I haven't had any pain from this process either so I have been very fortunate. I am still not able to chew on that side of my mouth nor can I have any carbonation for another day, but all is good! Gotta be patient :) Oh and my favorite part of the whole extraction process, I got to keep my tooth!

The WCWS did not turn out quite like I wanted. Tennessee and Georgia both got knocked out before the finals which left Arizona and UCLA.....yuck. I am not a fan of those west cost Pac 10 teams. UCLA ended up kicking Arizona's tush so it wasn't really fun to watch.

Summertime has been pretty great so far. I am finishing up my last grad class of the summer next week, and I have been working some at the salon so keeping busy but not too busy!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The first week of June is one of my favorite weeks of the year! Why? Because of the WCWS! The Women's College World Series is so fun to watch, and it is really the only time softball is on TV. These softball girls really know how to play ball. I love watching the pitchers pitch of course, but it is also fun to see all the home runs and the awesome catches being made in the outfield. I am pulling for Tennessee to win the whole thing, although I would be happy if Georgia wins as well. An SEC team has never won, but hopefully that will change this year!Main Photo