Monday, May 27, 2013

Toddler Apps

We just gave Kaylee an early birthday present, her own tablet! Kaylee has been obsessed with our iPad since we got it last summer. So obsessed that we don't even get to use it much. Eric thought we should just get Kaylee her own tablet (something much cheaper) so she can play and we can play too. So after some research, we got her a Kindle Fire HD. 
Clearly she loves it! Kaylee calls it "Pink iPad!"
Anyone know of the best toddler apps for the Kindle Fire HD? I have already downloaded a bunch of free ones, but I figure there may be some I don't know about. Please comment and let me know of some great apps for my almost 2 year old. Thanks!

Friday, May 24, 2013

School is Out!

School is officially our for the summer! This means I will have free time to blog for the next two months! My goal is to blog twice a week- one blog family related and one school related. So excited to be a SAHM for 8 weeks. Kaylee and I have lots of fun in store for us!
Had fun at opening weekend last Saturday!
Kaylee and I will be spending tons of time at our neighborhood gym's outdoor splash pool. They have summer memberships so we jumped on that so I can work out in air conditioning, and we can swim!

Happy Memorial Day weekend to everyone!