Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall Break is the BEST!

I just had the best fall break of my short 5 year career. This was the first year that I was really feeling the need for the break. As many of you teachers know, education has been changing and what teachers are required to do seems to become more and more each year. I LOVE my job, but the stress can be overbearing sometimes. 

We started the week off with a trip to our amazing local zoo. Kaylee was a little nervous at first, but she sure opened up and wanted to explore as the day went on.
Checking out the animals
Didn't want to hold Dada's hand, growing so fast!

Later on in the week we headed to ATL to visit my brother and do some Atlanta things. We rode the local transportation train-The Marta, went to the Varsity, the Children's Museum, Centennial Olympic Park, the Georgia Aquarium (Which is awesome BTW), IKEA, and spent a day at Stone Mountain. 
Very fast service. Cool, huge drive in!
Painting her masterpiece at the Children's Museum
With my brother outside the aquarium
Exploring the mountain-aka Giant rock of Granite
Stone Mountain

The week was just what I needed to get back in the groove of things at work. I had a wonderful day with my class today and look forward to the rest of the week!

Saturday, October 6, 2012


October Currently Time!

I am beyond excited about this week long break that I have. Some rain came through last night, and it now actually feels like fall, just in time for Fall Break. Eric is off Monday for Columbus Day (love bank holidays) so we are going to take Kaylee to the zoo then have a bday dinner for my daddy. Tuesday, Kaylee and I are going to story time at the library. We went to a puppet story time yesterday and she flipped with happiness especially since all the puppets were animals! Wednesday, Kaylee may have a play date plus we have to get my car ready for the trip b/c Thursday we leave for ATL. Fun week in store!

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday- I Love You!

I have been slightly boggled down in work lately that I am so exhausted. I slept till 9:15 this morning and Kaylee slept till 9:17. Love that girl! Here is a catch up of our life lately.

Last night, Kaylee and I snuggled on the couch for a while watching Honey Boo Boo, well she was while I dozed in and out. I know your thinking, what? You let your 15 month old watch Honey Boo Boo, but OMG she loves the little girl! She has no concept of what those crazy people are saying, she just likes to see Alana, and I have to say that Alana looked very cute in that blue swimwear during the finale Wednesday night. 

I made a delicious dessert for a lady and her husband at work. 3rd grade teachers made a meal for them since they have new twin girls.
Graham Crackers, Marshmallow Puff, Brownie Mix, White Chocolate Chips, and Oreos
Kaylee liked the outcome!

We finally made it to the doctor for Kaylee's 15 month check-up even though she is 15 1/2 months now. She checked in at 20lbs and 14oz and 30 3/4 inches long. She did not gain as much on her growth chart as she had been, but she did still show grow. She is just slightly below the 50% percentile. My kid doesn't eat so I wasn't surprised of this. She has become a very picky eater over the past 6 weeks or so. Doc said just continue to put a variety of foods in front of her and eventually she will eat, so that is what we are doing. Kaylee knows that the doctor's office brings scary things now so she started to freak once a nurse came into our little room. Hey, if I had to get 4 shots, I would freak too! 

Checking herself out in the mirror at the doc :)
Kaylee now has her first ever t-shirt, and what better shirt than a Lawhon's Lions shirt?? My mentor and friend lost her battle with Pancreatic Cancer recently. Last year at work, we had these t-shirts made to wear to a Pancreatic 5K and to wear at work throughout the semester. Well, they put a second order in b/c we are going to wear them to her life celebration that is next weekend. I had to order Kaylee one b/c Kaylee was her grandneighbor baby and she was Kaylee's grandneighbor lady. We loved her so much, one of the sweetest I have ever met. 

Well, I'm off to run, yes I am still doing it! Heading to another craft festival in a bit. Happy Weekend!

Monday, September 17, 2012

First Official 5K Completed!

Afterwards, so proud!
As most of you know from my posts, I have been training for a 5K with the C25KFree App on my phone. The program is an 8 week program that gradually gets you to where you need to be to run a 5K without stopping. As the weeks progressed in the program, I didn't think I would be able to complete the task at hand. One week it would jump from running 2 minutes at a time to running 5 then to running 9 etc until the last week you reach a 30 minute run no stopping. I was so proud of myself for sticking with the program for 8 weeks being that this is the most busy time of the year for teachers. I think the running 3 times a week (totally doable btw) was a good stress reliever plus I love setting goals for myself. Throughout most of the program, I was running 11.30 minutes a mile. Yes I know, that is slow. I didn't care about pace at all since my goal was to do what the program said not do it at a rapid rate plus I did the majority of my training pushing my sweet Kaylee in the jogging stroller which makes for a much more difficult run, so running without her made the race much easier! 
My sister was my running partner, she stayed about 30 seconds ahead of me most of the race, great motivator to keep pushing!
My pace at the race yesterday averaged 10.34 minutes a mile and I finished in 32.50 minutes just ten seconds faster than my 33.00 goal I set for myself. Go me! I am excited to continue running this fall with a few more races in store. Next one is the Pumpkin Run in October!

Friday, September 14, 2012


My iPhone is my go to camera these days. It has been since the beginning of the summer. It is so easy to snap a picture and post ;) So I have decided to link up for InstaFriday. Here is our past week in pictures:

Ziplining at the park :)
         The cute initial we got at the craft fair!
Kaylee taking a break at the craft fair with her 80s hairstyle
Supporting my mentor and friend with Pancreatic Cancer
Discovering the wrapping paper closet and having to hold as many rolls as possible at the same time.
I am beyond happy it is the weekend. I run my first ever 5K Sunday. I hope I can make it without stopping, C25K better have prepared me! Wish me luck :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Currently September

Loving that September is here and trucking right along. We are about to start our 6th week of school while some of you folks are starting week 2. The first 5 weeks have been super busy but successful!
What are you doing Currently?

Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday High Fives

High Fives go out to:

1) My sister for graciously watching Kaylee Monday night while I had parent night. I was out about 30 minutes longer than intended but she was okay with it. Plus, she is going to watch Kaylee again for me in a couple of weeks. So thankful that I have a kind sister and Kaylee has a kind aunt :)

2) Velvetta for creating a yummy cheesy skillet meal. We tried the Nacho Supreme meal this week. It was good, so good the hubby wanted more and ate the leftovers the next day. We are excited to try some of the other skillet meals that they have.

3) Mine and Kaylee's sweet visit with her grandneighborlady (my former classroom teacher neighbor). Kaylee's grandneighborlady has been suffering from pancreatic cancer for little over a year. We were way overdue for a visit, and we really enjoyed each other's company. Hope we get another one soon!

4) Our yummy Domino pizza from last night. It took forever long for my order to get ready, but I understood since the weather was yucky and it was Dominos Pizza Night for many schools. Their veggie pizza is delicious, I highly recommend it!

5) The three day weekend ahead! Lots of hard labor goes into the first few weeks of school as a teacher. After 4 weeks, an extra day off will feel wonderful plus I get to hang out with this cool chick :)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Dear Friday

Dear Blogger,
Sorry for slacking off lately. My three main jobs of being a mommy, wife, and teacher have taken all of my time and more. I will try to be better!

Dear Friday,
Thank you for existing. You are my favorite day.

Dear Kaylee,
I hope those teeth of yours don't hurt too much anymore. You haven't been sleeping so well this week, just pop them out already and sleep in tomorrow morning please :) By the way, I'm LOVIN your ponytail girl!
Dear Bunheads,
I have found that I really like you and all your abcfamily glory. The fact that it is Gilmore Girl created, finding random GG characters in each episode is a highlight of mine.

Dear Sunday buffet plans,
Please don't let me eat too much goodness. I do not need to gain 5 pounds in one setting. Although the fried catfish, fried okra, and variety of desserts will be divine in the moment :)

Dear self,
How the heck have you managed to make it to the end of week 6 on the C25K app? Very proud of ya!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Morning= Relaxation

Sure was nice to sleep in till 8:15 this morning. I feel refreshed and ready to enjoy my weekend with the family. JoJo and I have been hanging this morning while Kaylee and Eric sleep a little longer.
Smart dog uses pillows :)

I emptied the dishwasher, made some cinnamon toast, and am now enjoying the Olympics. I am sad they are going to be over this weekend!
Happy Saturday blog friends!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Finally Friday :)

I forget how much I love Fridays until the school year gets going :) So nice to sit and relax for a bit. Gotta love that Kaylee is napping for me too! First week went well, I just need to get all my "beginning of the school year" paperwork organized so I don't feel so overwhelmed with stuff. 

Here are some random pictures from life outside of school this past week:
Love my watch I got for my b-day!
Cute new phone cover from my b-day!
Kaylee eating sour patch kids-That's my girl!
Vera and I share a birthday month. Deals all around!
How we spent our Friday afternoon. Super fun backyard time!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Currently August...Back to School!

My 5th year teaching begins tomorrow and I am pretty anxious and excited about it especially since I am at a new school! 
What are you up to currently?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm Loving my new school so far. Learning a new environment, people, and just how things are run is hard but I am adjusting very well!

I'm Loving sweet Kaylee's expression when I come home through the back door since I live THAT close to work now. I can tell she is so excited to see her mama :)

I'm Loving that Kaylee is loving her new babysitter. Two successful days down, lots to go! Babysitter #2 comes tomorrow :)

Of course, I'm Loving the Olympics as I said the other day. So fun to watch, but it is making me go to bed later which is bad now that work as begun.

I'm Loving that today is my 27th birthday and my fabulous new grade level and I celebrated with delicious cupcakes, plus I'm heading out for sushi in a little bit with Mary Beth, family swim and dinner party Saturday, and breakfast with the in-laws Sunday!

Share your Loves on this fabulous first day of August!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics Rock

I have really enjoyed watching the Olympics this weekend and look forward to turning it on after in-service this week! Last night, Eric and I were watching the men's gymnastics. Let me just say, that my sister and I have been obsessed with gymnastics (women's mostly) since we were little girls. I think in part because we wished we could be that good! Anyways, the men last night were so fun to watch. It was intense what those guys have to do. 
Eric and I would both cringe when one of US guys would do a release on the high bar. I was scared for them so I can't even imagine how their nerves were. 
Kind of wish I could see some events live. That would be amazing!

Are you enjoying the Olympics as much as us?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Ok Thursday!

Its Ok that we let Kaylee watch Yo Gabba Gabba when she eats lunch some days. She loves it :)
It's Ok that my classroom isn't ready yet. That is what inservice week is for.

It's Ok that Eric hid Kaylee's chair under her bed and we let her go get it while bumping her head multiple times. She was proud to pull it out!

It's Ok that I am going for frozen yogurt today for the second time this week. Summer is almost over, gotta live it up!

It's Ok that my kid already loves softball. It's in her blood!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I'm Loving!

I'm really Loving all the time I get with my Kaylee Bug this week since work starts back on Monday!
I'm Loving the progress I made in my portable. Feeling better and better about it each day!

I'm Loving watermelon, even though the one I bought at the store said seedless and it had seeds, it is still so tasty!

I'm Loving this salad I made the other night, the dried cranberries made it so yummy!
I'm Loving the fun Kaylee had at The Little Gym yesterday. Makes me wish I could take her every week!

What are you loving?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Made It- Love being crafty!

"Pass Pad"
This year, I am doing something different instead of my old school "treasure box." I noticed that my kiddos didn't always care for what was brought in for the treasure box and would often want a piece of candy instead. Well, my students were always interested in rewards like homework passes, eating lunch with a friend or me, etc. Then on Pinterest, I found my inspiration:
Hobby Lobby Organizer with 40% off so like $4.50
Inside after dividers were inserted
Just printed the sign on cardstock (Still need to laminate) and found the frog from stuff I already had!
Variety of colored cardstock for my passes :)
I am very excited to implement the "Pass Pad" as my main reward system. Students will get a pass when they get their punch cards full, homework sticker charts full, or for awesome behavior over a period of time. They will be hard to attain so hopefully that will make them more valuable!

What did you make this Monday?