Monday, September 17, 2012

First Official 5K Completed!

Afterwards, so proud!
As most of you know from my posts, I have been training for a 5K with the C25KFree App on my phone. The program is an 8 week program that gradually gets you to where you need to be to run a 5K without stopping. As the weeks progressed in the program, I didn't think I would be able to complete the task at hand. One week it would jump from running 2 minutes at a time to running 5 then to running 9 etc until the last week you reach a 30 minute run no stopping. I was so proud of myself for sticking with the program for 8 weeks being that this is the most busy time of the year for teachers. I think the running 3 times a week (totally doable btw) was a good stress reliever plus I love setting goals for myself. Throughout most of the program, I was running 11.30 minutes a mile. Yes I know, that is slow. I didn't care about pace at all since my goal was to do what the program said not do it at a rapid rate plus I did the majority of my training pushing my sweet Kaylee in the jogging stroller which makes for a much more difficult run, so running without her made the race much easier! 
My sister was my running partner, she stayed about 30 seconds ahead of me most of the race, great motivator to keep pushing!
My pace at the race yesterday averaged 10.34 minutes a mile and I finished in 32.50 minutes just ten seconds faster than my 33.00 goal I set for myself. Go me! I am excited to continue running this fall with a few more races in store. Next one is the Pumpkin Run in October!


Katie said...

congratulations!!! that is awesome!! way to go!!! the pumpkin run sounds like a fun race!

Meg {henninglove} said...

congrats on your first 5K! isn't it a great feeling!

Ashley said...

That's wonderful!!! Congratulations!

Paula said...