Sunday, August 5, 2012

Currently August...Back to School!

My 5th year teaching begins tomorrow and I am pretty anxious and excited about it especially since I am at a new school! 
What are you up to currently?


Mechele said...

The first day of school is always exciting. I hope you have a great day tomorrow. I am sure it will be wonderful!

Megan @ I Teach. What's Your Super Power? said...

Can't believe you're going back tomorrow! I can hardly sleepy the night before school. I'm always so nervous! I found you through the linky. Always glad to have another 3rd grade teacher to follow!

I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

Miss Trayers said...

Have a great day tomorrow! I can't believe so many people start back so early!


4321Teach said...

Good luck at your new school and with your school year! I am sure you will be fabulous! I am starting at 2 new schools this year, so I know how you feel. I went from being in the classroom to becoming a Teaching and Learning Coach where I will be working with teachers K-5. Starting something new is always exciting but a little scary too!

Found you through Farley's Linky Party and am your newest follower!

Stop by my blog if you get a chance! :)

Barbara said...

I hope your first day went well!
Have a great year.

Grade ONEderful
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A Teacher Without a Class said...

Lamination is a teacher's best friend!