Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Show Me Christmas Link Up #1

I am participating in Becky and Aly's  Show Me Christmas Series! 

Link Up #1: What is on your holiday wish list, real or fake? 

1. iPhone4s case- just got my new phone and now I need a cute new case for it! Hard to find b/c the 4s phones need different cases than the plain 4!

2. Waffle Iron- ever since our fall break trip (the hotel had amazing blueberry waffles each morning at their breakfast) I have wanted a waffle maker to make my own delicious waffles on the weekends!

3. Clothes- more specifically sweater dresses to wear with my leggings and boots to work. I only have a couple of outfits to wear with my boots and I would love some more!
4. Gift Cards- Starbucks, Sonic, Yogurt Mountain, Chilis, El Porton!

5. Gloves- I need new gloves, plus I would just really like some that work with the iphone touchscreen!

1. Trip to Italy-would love to explore my heritage!

2. Beach House- forever or as a vacation home!

 3. Ice Cream without calories or fat :)

Would love to see your holiday wish list!


Aly @ Analyze This said...

Oooh, Boutiqueme.net has the CUTEST iPhone covers!! Serioiusly! Go check them out :)

A waffle iron would be nice. The one I have was from Target and it was 5 bucks! I need to invest in another one!

Thanks for linking up!! And I sooo am with you on the ice cream without calories or fat! Ha ha! (Don't you wish that really existed?!)

Etosia (e-tasha) said...

They just had some awesome gloves that worked with touch screen on Jills Steals and Deals on the Today show for $20 originally $80.

Mrs. Mama said...

i want a waffle maker as well! and just purchased a iphone case... i can't wait to get it in the mail!!

Mrs. Confident said...

Have you seen the Pinterest post where they take a waffle iron and put cinnamon rolls in it? They make cinnamon waffles? It makes me want to buy a waffle iron myself. Oh, and I need some sweater dresses, too. I saw some cute ones at Kohl's.