Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday was held at our house this year. My mom and I purchased a pork butt from a girl that goes to my school. All funds went to her summer camp at church. I had never bought a pork butt before (people sell them all the time at work) but it probably won't be my last. It was yummy and there was so much to it! Here is a picture of a pork butt, not ours b/c I forgot to take a picture, but what ours looked like prior to the pulling to make sandwiches :)

With the pork butt we had some appetizers, my favorite was the pretzels with cheese inside oh and my spinach cheese dip! My sister made some yummy Boston Cream Pie cupcakes and I made brownies to have brownie sundaes! I didn't watch much of the game or the commercials. For the first year, I thought all the commercials were pretty dumb. All in all, Super Bowl Sunday was a success. I think our guests had a good time. Next year, Baby Kaylee will be here to make it more entertaining :)

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