Thursday, February 10, 2011

February Snow!

Here I am lounging on the couch enjoying Snow Day #4 of this school year. Last week was the only complete 5 day week we have had since coming back from the holiday break b/c of holidays and snow days. We started this week out with a 1 1/2 hour early dismissal on Monday because of a little bit of snow that had fallen, had a full day Tuesday, then a 2 1/2 hour early dismissal yesterday. The weather men really called it this time! They said it would start around 12:00 and it was about 12:06 when we first noticed it falling at school. Thank goodness they let us out when they did b/c when the snow started, it snowed hard! I was on my way home about 12:50 and arrived about 1:30. Little bit longer than usual b/c Gtown Pkway was a crazy mess, had to go about 25ish the whole way. My poor hubby didn't go into work until all the snow started falling. Thank goodness the bank branches closed early and his boss was nice enough to let him go early. He left work at 3:40 and did not arrive home until 5:00. A drive that normal takes him about 25 minutes! JoJo and I waited for Eric to get home to take a walk in the snow. Joey seemed to love it and I enjoyed it b/c I remembered my rainboots from school this time! Eric sure wished he had some boots b/c his feet got cold!

Running at full speed in the backyard chasing daddy :)
Snow Beard!
My Boys!
JoJo and Me!


Paula said...

Its restaurant quality salsa. Fresh. You can see the different ingredients. Its delicious. Hard to explain, but you should try it. It was just 3 dollars at Schnucks.

P.S. Nice snow pics!

Katie said...

sounds good, and not a bad price! thanks, first time eric got to enjoy it with us!