Saturday, February 19, 2011

Busy Busy Week!

Had such a busy but fun week, no time to post! Here is a recap of my week :)

Sunday: Papa Faught and Adam came over to help Eric fix the garage once again. I went to Target and registered for us there then headed to Kroger to grocery shop. Then, Eric and I made dinner from a recipe which we hardly do. We made a chicken taco type casserole.

Monday: Valentine's Day! Eric and I gave each other our cards the night before plus I got some candy. A combo of sour and not sour :) We also went to Red lobster on Saturday, which was delicious. Then, we hit up Burlington's Baby Depot, registered for a few items, and bought a crib! We ended up getting a chocolate Delta crib. Picture below of what it will look like whenever we get it out of the box and set up :) After school, I went and got Em and we went to Yogurt Mountain. They had a buy one get one free deal for V-Day. She then came back home with me, we walked JoJo around the park for a bit, ate some of the chicken casserole, and hung out while we both did school stuff.

Tuesday: Typical work day, but we had a PTA meeting so I stayed in Bartlett all day arriving home at 8:00. Went to eat at O'Charleys with two of my teacher friends before the meeting. Ordered my typical chicken tenders and potato soup. So tasty! We had to wait forever for our food b/c there was some kind of mishap so our food ended up being free. Even better :)

Wednesday: Typical work day, got home at my regular time, took JoJo on a nice walk in the once again beautiful weather! Then, had dinner plans with my friend Kassie. We went to Panera to catch up since we hadn't seen each other in a while. Food was very tasty, I had a chicken bacon dijon sandwich with mac and cheese. We had a good time catching up talking about school and our lives! After that, headed to the BR to visit Em. Got a daquiri ice freeze with my coupon :)

Thursday: Typical work day with parent/teacher conferences from 4:00-7:00. Our PTA provided us with HoneyBaked Ham box lunches for our afternoon snack. I had a roast beef sandwich, baked chips, and a yummy chocolate chip cookie. Gave me just enough energy to get through the long day!

Friday: Typical work day with my fun Friday afternoon movie plans! We went and saw Just Go With It. We laughed a lot during this movie! Adam Sandler is great at making comedies, and I just love Jennifer Aniston. Definitely recommend this romantic comedy! Four stars :)

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