Sunday, February 12, 2012

Early Valentines Dinner!

We had an early Valentines dinner tonight since V-Day is a school night and all. We hit up our local commissary for their ribs for two meal to go! It came with a whole slab of ribs, four eggs, two rolls, and enough beans and slaw for like 4 people. Plus we got a side of chili cheese fries. Me being the lover of desserts that I am, just had to get their famous banana pudding as well! So much food, but oh so good and we have some leftover :)

Amazingly Tasty!

So bad but so good

My weakness!

It has been a cold weekend in our town and there is a possibility of snow tomorrow. Fingers crossed b/c I want my sweet Kaylee Joy to see the pretty snow! Hope everyone had a nice weekend :)

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Paula said...

looks tasty! We'll have to try that one day.