Saturday, March 26, 2011

Softball, Runaway JoJo, and Ribs!

Emily's softball season started up this week. I just love this time of year! Because I played the sport myself, I never got to be a spectator much. Ever since Emily started playing at Houston, I have loved every minute of watching her and her team. They had an okay start to the season, 2-2. I think the team will be pretty good this year. They have a few new players and everyone has talent to bring forth.

Our puppy dog JoJo LOVES being outside in HIS backyard. Some days (mainly weekends) he spends a good twelve hours in the backyard with a break to go on a walk :) On week days, Eric leaves him out if the weather is nice until I get home from work. Well, Thursday I get home and JoJo was no where to be found. Called and called for him and he didn't come. I thought he was injured/passed out under a bush so I kept calling and looking. Then, I saw the HOLE. SCARED ME TO DEATH. JoJo had dug a hole through our back fence into the park. I immediately went into the park and started calling for him. Called Eric to let him know what happened, then called my father-in-law to come help me look. After searching for about 15 to 20 minutes, I finally found him. GEEZ. WORST 15 MINUTES EVER. I LOVE THAT DOG SO MUCH. Hopefully, JoJo learned his lesson. We have reinforced the fence somewhat, but I am still nervous to leave him out there.
Glad I found him safe and sound :)

Tonight we went to Eric's parents for Eric's b-day celebration. His dad cooked ribs out on the grill and they were amazing! We had ribs, potato salad, baked beans, rolls, home-made pickles, and chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. YUMMY! We took JoJo over and he had a ball playing with his fellow family members plus he got a lot of good food :)

Tomorrow night, Eric and I are hitting up a Grizzlies game! Go Grizz Go!

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