Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week of Freedom!

This was a great week of freedom! Yes, I would have loved to go somewhere exciting for Spring Break, but I enjoyed staying home and relaxing just as much. Being pregnant, I needed all the down time I could get to make sure I don't over do it. Don't want to put too much stress on the baby!

I accomplished the few minor items that I needed to get done. Items accomplished: got ahead on ASU class, caught up on the school scrapbook, FINISHED the school Yearbook (wonderful feeling), Mama and Emily painted the nursery (very cute color), got my car's oil changed, vacuumed and cleaned the inside of my car, had lunch with my awesome grandparents, got the last letters for Kaylee's name on the nursery wall, and shopped for Eric's b-day.

The wall color which the picture does not represent it very well. It is more yellow in person.

The letters for above Kaylee's crib
The ribbon that I may or may not use to hang the letters. If I do, I will alternate the colors for each letter.

All the rest of my week was spent relaxing on the couch watching Netflix and hanging out/walking JoJo :) The weather has been gorgeous! I mainly watched Ugly Betty which is a show I would have never thought I would like. It is all about a fashion magazine and I could really care less about famous people and fashion, but the plot behind the show is great. Betty is an "ugly" but awesome assistant for the new editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine. All kinds of crazy drama happens each episode and so far I have watched 21 of the 23 from the first season. Netflix has all the seasons that I can easily stream so I will be finished with the show before I know it.

Eric and I watched The Social Network last night as the first Netflix movie we received in the mail. Very good movie portraying the story of how Facebook came to be. Crazy how strange the creator of the company is.....and how fast it grew! Movie had my attention the whole time and Eric enjoyed it too.

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