Friday, June 28, 2013

Five For Friday!

Linking up for Five for Friday!

1. Potty Training has been going extremely well. Our sweet Kaylee is loving using the potty and wearing those big girl panties :)
Popsicle Reward!
2. Kaylee and I went to get her two year pictures taken Wednesday. She LOVED cheesin for the camera!

3. We played at the splash pool yesterday. Kaylee found some flippers that just so happened to match her bathing suit. It sure was funny watching her walk in them!

4. Last night I played a softball double header. I had a blast playing center field. I caught 8 fly balls! Definitely never thought I could do that since I was always an infielder in my time :)

5. Meeting my new "resident"student teacher for this next school year today! What better place to go then Yogurt Mountain?? Excited for our adventure together this year!

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