Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Break!

Today marks the beginning of my first ever full week of fall break! I love my job as a teacher. The school calendar just knows when us teachers and kids are in need of a break. So many of my teacher friends have fun and exciting trips planned. Some are going to the beach, others are taking their kids to Disney World, and some are going site-seeing in places like Charleston. Me- I am just staying home enjoying the freedom of my days. Going to finish up my last week of assignments for this ASU course which means I will only have 3 courses plus my internship left to go! So excited to be so close to finishing my educational career path :) Going to have dinner with my BR friends Laura and Alison, head to the lake for a day, and have lunch with my grandparents. I am also going to start working on the BES PTA scrapbook that I am in charge of. That should be fun, I enjoy scrapbooking and this will be a book the school gets to keep! Off to enjoy my freedom :)

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