Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Garage Sale!

Last weekend, I had a garage sale at my house on Friday and Saturday! I advertised by putting up a few posters around the neighborhood and I listed it on Craig's list. Friday, I had lots of fun b/c it was pretty busy. I started @ 7:00 and stopped @ 1:00. I sold lots of random goodies. I was amazed at the randomness of the stuff people bought. But, it was HOT. JoJo was inside and he didn't like it when he heard random people starting to talk to me in the garage so he came to hang out with me. I put him on his leash and he was a really good boy. He just laid down on the garage floor (it was a little cooler on the ground) and when someone came up I held him. We both got pretty hot and we drank lots of water! The sale was not as good on Saturday and I discovered the reason later on that day after my sale ended. I had put up 5 posters and when I went to take them down, only one was left! I think the code enforcement in this silly town took my posters down. So, now I have a mental note to check for posters b4 beginning the sale b/c I just might need to make more! I made some good money to put towards my shower renovation!

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