Thursday, June 10, 2010


On Monday of this week, I had one of my wisdom teeth extracted. I was kinda nervous about the whole process of getting a tooth ripped out of my mouth, but it wasn't bad at all. I sat in the chair and the dentist numbed my cheek and my gums where the tooth was. About 20 minutes went by, and the dentist came back and said, "I am just going to press a little bit so let me know if you feel anything besides pressure." Next thing I know, I am feeling some pressure, pressure of him pulling on the tooth, but it did not hurt one bit. About 1 minute goes by, and the tooth was out! It was crazy how fast the process was. The worst part was getting numbed! I haven't had any pain from this process either so I have been very fortunate. I am still not able to chew on that side of my mouth nor can I have any carbonation for another day, but all is good! Gotta be patient :) Oh and my favorite part of the whole extraction process, I got to keep my tooth!

The WCWS did not turn out quite like I wanted. Tennessee and Georgia both got knocked out before the finals which left Arizona and UCLA.....yuck. I am not a fan of those west cost Pac 10 teams. UCLA ended up kicking Arizona's tush so it wasn't really fun to watch.

Summertime has been pretty great so far. I am finishing up my last grad class of the summer next week, and I have been working some at the salon so keeping busy but not too busy!

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