Saturday, April 17, 2010

Spring time in the town!

So, here I am maintaining my one post a week promise! This was a busy exhausting week at work with it being the most important week of the year. Plus, it was beautiful and warm outside so many hours were spent on the playground :) I taught my kiddos how to play wiffle ball which was one adventure in itself. Crazy how much they don't know at that age but they catch on fast. 25 days to go!

Thanks to Paula my allergies are somewhat under control since I have invested in a 24 hour allergy medicine. I can definitely tell the difference when I do and do not take it. Itchy eyes and continuous sneezing are no fun at all.

One thing I have found to love about spring in recent years is when the azalea bushes bloom! They are so pretty. I just wish the prettiness stuck around a little bit longer. Here is a pic of my favorite color azalea bush light pink!

Last night, Eric and I had dinner with my big brother Brent out on the Cerrito patio. Brent cooked steaks, asparagus, mushrooms, and mac and cheese. It was delicious! He is a pretty good cook. Then we played many rounds of Uno. It was a great surprise to what is normally an uneventful Friday night at our house.

Eric and I went to the semi-annual "Amnesty Dumpster Day" in our town this morning. We needed to "dump" a few large items that cannot be placed on the curb for regular pick-up. Guess who we saw while we were waiting patiently in the long line of fellow dumpster dumping folks? Grandaddy! So of course I scream, "Hey Eric look that's Grandaddy! I gotta go see him!" So I hop out of the truck and run down to his car. Turns out, Memo was in the car too (which was shocking since it was 11:45 in the morning). That was a cute little surprise to my day :) The park that we "dumped" our stuff is actually one that I have never been to. It has many amenities that most of our parks do not have. We want to take JoJo there soon. He loves to go on walks in new places!

Speaking of JoJo. He got his first professional haircut this week and of course he looks adorable. I bet he feels better too now that he will not be so hot with all that fur. He probably lost 2 pounds of hair :) I will post pics next time!

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