Monday, April 26, 2010

Being a Wife :)

Today is mine and Eric's 2 year anniversary! 4-26-08. The time is flying by so far. We just adore each other and love being married. We are continuously joking and laughing with one another about anything and everything! Some might think we are too silly sometimes, but like Eric says, it is how we flirt with each other :) Being a wife is so much fun for me. I love the little and big responsibilities that I have: Grocery shopping, balancing the checkbook, organizing our finances, walking JoJo, making dinner, etc. I am so LUCKY to have a husband that adores cleaning on a weekly and sometimes bi-weekly basis! I will do the grocery shopping anytime if I do not have to pick up the 409 or vacuum the carpets!

I have always been a motherly person ever since Em was born when I was 9. I love the feeling of "Taking Care" of others, which is why I probably chose the career of teaching and also why I have a love for the elderly. Kiddos and grandparents hold a crazy special place in my heart. I CANNOT wait to become a mother. This is part of my encouraging patience deal. I am so ready to have a baby of my own. JoJo is a great fix for now, but I cannot even imagine how it feels to hold something that you know u and your husband created. It has got to be amazing. People ask me all the time when I will have a baby on the way. I guess people expect a baby after a couple of years of marriage. That is typically the next step. Eric and I are ready for that step come this fall we hope. But as for now, I have to be patient for my time to come :) Right now, I need to enjoy the blessing of being a wife.

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