Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reason Behind Encouraging Patience

My sister Paula has been telling me that I should start a blog. So, here I am at 10:45 on a Saturday night creating a blog. I thought for a few minutes on what I should name my blog. Many people just use their name or their family's name, but I wanted to be semi-creative. So, I came up with the title "Encouraging Patience" for a few reasons.

Reason #1: I am often told by my fellow teacher friends that I possess a special ability to encourage others (students and adults). Reason #2: It takes a lot of patience to do my job. Reason #3: The title can help me to encourage myself to be patient with my own life. I often jump ahead of myself and look to the future when I should be enjoying the present.

So, there does it. Blog post number one. No telling how frequent I will be at posting, but I will encourage myself to post at least once a week :)

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