Monday, July 1, 2013


Today is July 1st!

Summer time is amazing! Notice I said started my first crafty thing of the summer not finished...I will get there so I can share on Monday Made It with Tara next week! 

We don't have much plans this week- I like that :) Looking forward to the 4th on Thursday!

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Carol Davis said...

Found your blog at Farley's July Currently! I agree with you about Candy Crush. I am totally stuck on Level 65 and not playing as often because it seems unbeatable. It's all about some luck when all the pieces align....ugh! Enjoy your time with your precious child- my daughter got married this past Saturday!


Laura Allen said...

We used to be obsessed with Dexter! The hubs lost interest and we've backed off. I keep telling him it should be our summer show when there is zero TV on! We could definitely catch up now!!