Friday, September 30, 2011

Moving on By!

We are 8 weeks into the school year. Hard to believe that the 1st nine weeks is almost over already!  Open House was successful Tuesday night. I had 16 of my 19 kiddos come, it was a great turn out. My candy corn estimation jar was the hit of the night. I loved reading my students' guesses. There were 303 pieces of candy corn in the jar and one guessed 312. Pretty dang close! Kaylee was loved on by all. My kiddos got to see how little she really is and they kept commenting on how cute she is :) 

This afternoon Kaylee and I got to hang out with my friend Kathy @ a local pizza joint. We ate outside enjoying this lovely weather that is finally starting to feel like fall. Now, she is sleeping on my lap while I watch The Time Traveler's Wife. We are ready for a relaxing weekend! 

After Open House, wide awake :)

Silly Girl

BTW, I love my new background and header! Welcome Fall :)

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Paula said...

Nice new look! You've got to teach me how to make a header!