Friday, January 7, 2011


OTH, better known as, One Tree Hill, has become one of my favorite television shows over the past couple of years. It is one of those shows that I did not start watching from the beginning, but I caught it every now and then. OTH started in 2003 back when I was obsessed with Gilmore Girls and hardly watched anything else. The show began set in high school but after four seasons, they jumped ahead to the future and portrayed the characters as 22 year old fresh out of college young adults. That is when I began getting into the show b/c I was the same age. The show is filled with drama and love, it is pretty much a night time soap opera. Over Christmas break, I was able to watch some old episodes that I had never seen on SoapNet. They show it every afternoon at 2:00. Since I was enjoying the episodes so much I decided to DVR it each day so I could watch after school. Totally the highlight of my afternoons now!

My favorite character is Haley. She was kind of a nerdy girl in high school, but she had an amazing singing talent. She worked for the school tutoring center. She began tutoring this hot shot basketball player Nathan, and they ended up falling in love. Haley and Nathan got married in high school, but their relationship wasn't easy. Haley got to go on tour singing causing them strain, but they were able to rekindle everything when she returned. Haley even became pregnant during their senior year! When the show skipped 4 years, Haley become a teacher! She was a high school teacher, but still I had things in common with her to make me relate more to her. Anyways enough on OTH, check it out sometime. It is a pretty great show! Tuesday nights @ 7:00 on The CW :)

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