Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Field Day

One of the most crazy, fun, and entertaining school days was today: Field Day. The kiddos look forward to this day starting in August and we had a blast. The weather was just perfect and all the events were successful. We may not have won all the competitions, but we did win the major one at the end: Tug-a-War! Surprisingly, my kiddos did it! We are the strongest 3rd grade class. I am soooo proud of them! I got a banner to hang in my room for all the years to come to remind me of how special that moment was. I just adore being a teacher :)

This weekend we are heading to Chattanooga for Laura's wedding. I am so excited for the mini-vacation and to see Laura get married. I have not only known her since she was 14, but I have worked with her at two different jobs, and she is going to be a teacher! Following in my footsteps and now she is getting married. Such a special day!

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