Saturday, February 9, 2013

Grandaddy :)

Grandaddy Memories

  • Sitting on his lap listening to him read Paula and me the Sunday Comics
  • Playing Ole Maid-Grandaddy letting the others trick me into picking the Ole Maid- oh the tears I shed!
  • Riding on his back in the indoor pool @ Navarre. Me and Paula at the same time. Geez. How did he do it?? 
  • Teaching me how to dive at the indoor pool @ Navarre
  • Memo sneaking Paula and me his coffee sugar cubes in their hotel bathroom @ Navarre
  • Roasting hot dogs on the beach @ Navarre
  • Sitting with Grandaddy and Memo while they worked puzzles @ Navarre
  • Bonfires each year for his b-day
  • Christmas morning- him looking and talking to me about all my Santa gifts
  • The shelves he built for my room at home- one now hangs in our kitchen
  • The bible verse frame he gave me on my 19th birthday with the sweet memories he had of the two of us written on the back- hanging in my hallway
  • Watching soooo many of my softball games throughout my career. Loved that!
  • Lunch @ their house during my college years and on breaks once I started teaching
  • Calling their house and he immediately found Memo (no matter what she was doing) b/c he knew I wanted to talk to her
  • Red Lobster, Dixie Cafe, and Cracker Barrel dates
  • The horns he gave to Eric and always asked about where he hung them :)
  • The sweet & innocent few times I brought Kaylee over to visit him.
  • The smile on his face when I visited him at Fox Bridge.
My grandaddy was a sweet sweet man. Hope him and Memo have reunited in heaven :) 

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Corrie said...

This is so incredibly sweet! I've been praying for you and your family!