Saturday, July 31, 2010

Out to Eat :)

I love going out to eat and loving every bit of my meal! I got to do that two days in a row! Yesterday, Memo and GD took my out to Red Lobster for a pre-birthday lunch. I got my regular, garlic shrimp scampi with a baked potato and a casear salad. Plus, I ate 3 cheddar biscuits :)

Eric and I went to Red Robin tonight to redeem my free birthday burger! Turns out, I decided to get a chicken sandwich instead of a burger. I got the blackened chicken sandwich which was amazing! It was spicy which gave it a great flavor. Eric of course got a spicy jalapeƱo was good too, I had a little taste. The parmesan garlic fries were soooo good! And of course since it was my "b-day" burger, I got a free ice cream sundae along with a great melody sung by awesome Red Robin employees. The chocolate sundae hit the spot to complete a great meal!

Already having a great birthday and it isn't even here yet :)

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